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The PTSMC partner model began in 2002 to address two significant trends in physical therapy.

  1. Physical Therapists, PT education systems and the APTA began to push the agenda of autonomy.
  2. Healthcare becoming increasingly complex and continued success in private practice physical therapy would require a more advanced level of business support and acumen.

The PTSMC partner model was created in an effort to support physical therapy ownership by physical therapists and physical therapy assistants while limiting the risk associated with having a successful business in the extremely competitive healthcare environment.  The model is supported by an administrative team dedicated to assuring our Partners’ success.

Many of PTSMC partners started as staff physical therapists with the desire to one day have ownership in their own clinic. The Leadership Management Training Program of PTSMC is designed to develop physical therapists skills in leadership, practice management and business acumen. Our objective is to train and develop the leadership and business skills essential to be a successful practice owner.

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers is looking for Physical Therapists that want to make the dream of ownership a reality. Our ideal candidate is entrepreneurial and wants to be a leader while still practicing physical therapy.

The mission of all of our partners is to improve the quality of people’s lives by providing:

  • Unmatched experiences
  • Clinical excellence
  • Lifelong relationships

The PTSMC model works because the partners are allowed to maintain focus on three main principles:

  • Grow our people
  • Grow our community
  • Grow our business

Current PTSMC Partners:

We improve the quality of people's lives by providing:

  • unmatched experiences
  • clinical excellence
  • lifelong relationships

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