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WATCH: A Patient's First Experience with Dry Needling

Many people have never heard of Trigger Point Dry Needling, and those who have often think it's a form of acupuncture or are too scared of the word "needle" to try it out for themselves. Dry Needling can be an incredibly effective method for treating v... [read more]

What is Lymphedema and How Can We Treat It?

Did you know that Lymphedema effects an estimated 3-5 million Americans - more than ALS, Cystic Fibrosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy and Parkinson's Disease combined? Learn more about this condition and how we can treat it from Samantha Huebne... [read more]

Keep Your Head Up!

Are you plagued with neck pain? Are you reading this post on your smart phone? Text neck: the struggle is real. We've all heard funny stories of people [read more]

Building Our "PT For Life" Culture by Doing Good

By Alan Balavender PTSMC Founder and President After the recent spate of devastating hurricanes and wildfires throughout the U.S., we were looking for ways to live out our “PT for Life” culture and help the families and regions left reeling in... [read more]

PT Perspectives: Posture and conditioning for equine athletes

I've been riding horses since I was five years-old. I never wanted to participate in any other sport and I didn’t, aside from what I was required in PE class. I was so hooked on horses that I pursued a major in Animal Science and a minor in Equine Busin... [read more]

Physical Therapy ProTip: Vertigo vs. Dizziness

Vertigo and dizziness often get lumped together, but they are different issues stemming from different problems, and they can both be treated with differing physical therapy treatments and exercises. Kasey Adinolfi, PT, DPT, Assistant Director at PTSMC... [read more]

PT Perspectives: The Many Benefits (and Risks) of Obstacle Racing

PTSMC warrior dash group PTSMC team members recently participated in an “adventurou... [read more]

Dry Needling: The Quick And Easy Way To Get Rid Of Pain

  Are you experiencing pain associated with conditions like arthritis, nerve irritation, musc... [read more]

Physical Therapy Pro-tip: How to properly stretch after a run

Erin Walsh, PT, DPT, MSPT, Partner and Director of PTSMC's Waterbury clinic, demonstrates how to properly stretch your legs after a long run to help you prevent injuries and relieve sore and tight muscles. [embed width="500" vspace="5px"]https://www.... [read more]

Are you dizzy? Do you have poor balance? Did you know physical therapy can help you?

If you’re regularly experiencing dizziness, imbalance, spatial disorientation or vision disturbances, ... [read more]

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